Varmint Hunter Magazine is no more

The other day while testing a link on this site, I landed at a parked domain page and not the link I clicked on. Uh oh! A little searching pointed out that Varmint and Varmint Hunter Magazine have ceased to exist. According to an article at the site "About two weeks ago, rumors … Continue reading Varmint Hunter Magazine is no more


Temperature and Accuracy

I have been playing with what temps do to accuracy in reference to set up of the barrel ready to chamber. I have done three tests now and come up with about the same result.What I do is set up my barrel in the 4 jaw and insert a range rod and dial it in … Continue reading Temperature and Accuracy

History of Benchrest Shooting

HUNTER CLASS, The Infancy & The AdolescenceBy: Bob PeaseLike the origin of an illegitimate unwanted child. Hunter Class Rifle shooting began somewhere around 1963 when several groups seemed almost simultaneously to develop interest in shooting center fire cartridges on a small bore type target for score from benchrest at 100 yards. Rifles. methods and rules … Continue reading History of Benchrest Shooting