“This is a test” . . . maybe . . .

Stan and Ryan have graciously granted me “Blogger” status; having their trust is an honor. Thank you, Stan and Ryan.

During my senior year of High School, way back in 1967, in the Peoples Republic of Carifornia (cation), we were advised: “by the year 2000 (who’d EVER live that long?), the world will experience a return to “Ice-age” status; there will massive starvation and “shrinkage” of the oceans, as polar ice forms . . .” Well, so much for “scientists” taking a billionth of a nanno second snap-shot of geologic time and extrapolating a result . . . but I’m not going to “go political”, I just had to vent . . . and I wonder, what has really changed in the last 40 years; I’d guess sunspots and politics.

What I really want to do is see if I can “import” a pic, or, if, when I go on my hunting rant, viewers, in order to view the pics, must be sent to the photo gallery – here goes . . . ok, I didn’t get it figured out . . . and now, I’ve got to get to work. I may return later. RG Published Oct 15 2007, 09:04 AM by R.G. Robinett Comments No Comments

About R.G. Robinett I was born in Iowa, but raised (mostly) in the Peoples Republic of California – fortunately, my tenure there was terminated just pior to the complete “take-over” by the tree huggers! 😉 In my youth, my pals and I spent most of our free time shooting “diggers” (ground squirrels) and jack-rabbits: during the mid ot late 1960′s, private land access, for “varmint” hunting/shooting was readily obtained.

My interest in precision dates to my initiation to rifles – I never liked to miss; especially when I knew the miss was the fault of the rifle and not my own. So, upon receiving my first center-fire rifle and simultaneous reloading instruction from a “wild-catter” Pal of my Dad’s, my quest for the ultimate in precision began. And the mission continues to this day.

By the time I graduated from high school, and ever since, I’ve not owned a rifle which I could blame for a miss [on game]. While I have had a couple of (rare) dog barrels, few of the custom barrels I’ve owned since 1974 have been disappointing. These days, blessed with a plethora of excellent rifle and reloading components, when it comes to precision, I am usually the “weak link”. 😦 At the age of [almost] 16, I shot my first mule deer – a real beauty – a 4×4, which scores 168 B&C points! That deer was shot near Ice House Reservoir, in Eldorado County, CA.

It took many seasons to find and shoot a comparable muley buck! 😉 Still, I have never outgrown the mystique of hunting mule deer, and have been fortunate to have seen and had many opportunities to shoot 160+ inch bucks . . but, never, with a tag in hand, have I had the opportunity to shoot a truly BIG (190″ +) muley. Thus, accomplishing that feat remains my dream.

For many years, red fox and coyote hunting were on the front burner . . . now, they are a distant second. But they’d better hope I never find that BIG mule deer – priorities could change! 😉 Between hunting forays, I occupy my time making a custom bullets and dabbling in benchrest tournaments.

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