Bushnell Customer Service

by Jim

Posted Aug 05, 2014      #1
In the “For What Its Worth” department, I thought I’d let you guys know when a firm stands behind its products.  I LOVED my Bausch and Lomb 36x scope, and was pretty upset to hear Bushnell couldn’t fix it.  It took 6 months, but they are shipping a brand new Elite 6500 4.5 – 30x at no cost to honor the warranty on the B&L.  Too bad they don’t have any higher magnification anymore.

I sent it back along with an old fixed 4x rimfire scope and had a free variable in my hands in a couple weeks for it.  (Even though I admitted I was the idiot who broke it.)  But the 6500 has been out of stock all this time.

Still…  $1,000 worth of replacement scopes for 2 20 year old ones is pretty cool.  Just became my favorite scope company…

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