A gizmo worth the $

by R.G. Robinett

I’m going to attempt to attach some pics made using the just arrived Lyman BoreCam (digital bore-scope) – a very decent tool, at an affordable price. The first demerit, is the lack of a focusing system – ya just have to position the lens where it needs to be. The only other immediate “gripe” (but not too loudly), is the lens cannot be rotated independently from the cord. Not deal wreckers . . and, what did I expect for less than 250 bucks?

The scope was ordered about 7 months ago – some got them then, but, Lyman delayed further production while some “bugs” were killed. This initial pic is about mid-way down a Winchester 270WSM (factory) barrel – two “flaws are observable, as is a light copper wash. Low lighting was selected for this pic.

I believe that most will agree that this scope is worthy of consideration – I can see anything I need to see, and my Hawkeye (7″ model) was three times the price. I won’t be selling the Hawkeye, but I really like the picture capture – looks like with a little practice, and keeping it still, the image quality is better than I expected.

Here are three pics of a fairly new Kreiger .264 caliber (6.5mm For Stanley) barrel following about 120 rounds, using H-4350 and “moly-coated” bullets. The barrel was cleaned every fifty rounds or so, using Wipe-Out Foaming bore cleaner, with Wipe-Out Accelerator.

From the top: view of land with light right at the throat/top of land junction; throat (lead) from top of land (lleft) to free-bore, which begins in brightly lighted location; land about 2″ ahead of the throat.
Again, not bad for the first three shots with a < $250 instrument! RG

P.S. In the center pic, not all of the free-bore is visible – only the last 1/4 or so.


Here’s my original 30BR barrel, after about 6500 rounds down-range! Didn’t clean it following the last match – just “retired” it! It’s a Morrison (cut rifled) 1:18″ twist  – it was a “HUMMER”!Ok, the forum won’t accept the first two shots . . . so, here’s the ZERO free-bore throat.

Pretty DEEP gas cuts parallel to bore; not a lot of “fire-cracking” at this location – pretty surprising! This barrel ran 99% moly-coated bullets, launched using H-322; H-4227 (if U can live with about 2975 FPS, a real sleeper); and H-4198. Carbon in the longitudinal cuts is pretty obvious . . . . as is the lack of copper! RG

This appears to be the worst of the pics – I was probably wobbling a little![eek]


Mike Shapoval

Posted Dec 24, 2015      #4
Thanks for the “review” of the Lyman. I have been looking at getting one since the price is is right. Most places have them on back order right now. But for the money, I ‘ll be picking one up when they hit the market. Thanks again for posting.

R.G. Robinett

Posted Dec 24, 2015      #5
Mike, I believe the shelves are filling (filled?)up!

Upon further review, using the tool, I can very clearly observe any defects, carbon, copper, etc. that I can see using the Hawkeye. It looks like the judicial use of various diameter O-rings, should help position the lens for good focus and limit wobble while snapping pics. During use, as the lens is manipulated, I can always see finer detail than depicted in any of the pics. rg

Mike Shapoval

Posted Dec 26, 2015      #6
To the Internet for the after Christmas sales.
Thanks Randy

Jason Stanley

Posted Jan 01      #7
Good report Randy.  I’ve been thinking about getting a Hawkeye – but will now do some looking into this.  No pun intended.
Thanks again for posting this.

Jason Stanley

Posted Jan 04      #8
Hi Randy.  I’ll be coming over late Jan or (more likely) early/middleish Feb. I’ll see if the Skipper and Thurston want to come with.  Look forward to seeing and comparing your new tools.

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