What is going on in 6X??????

by David J Halblom Sr Most everyone who knows me knows I tend to poke the pig. That said, why are YOU not shooting a 6X discipline? What “excuse” are you using? No eyes left? That one is legitimate. Can’t win? That one is an illegitimate child. Anyone can build a VFS gun and get … Continue reading What is going on in 6X??????

News that may interest you

I see that the do-Gooders are at it again…. a bill coming out of Illinois by Representative Bobby Rush (D) known as the “Blair Holt’s Firearm licensing and record sale act of 2009″ would make it a illegal to own or possess a handgun or semi-auto firearm that uses a magazine without a federal license. … Continue reading News that may interest you

NBRSA Hunter Hall of Fame 2008

The NBRSA Hunter Hall of Fame has been updated to include the 2008 inductees. Congratulations folks, on some fine shooting. Hall of Fame Inductees 1999 Inductees 2000 Inductees 2001 Inductees Wayne Corley - 31pts Cody Haslett - 24pts Guy Chism - 9pts Bill Small - 12pts Bob Miller (Hon.) - Carroll Green - 11pts Bob … Continue reading NBRSA Hunter Hall of Fame 2008

Deer Poisoning…… Are your bullets bad?

Cleaning deer of lead will take more care, DNR saysA study, spurred by venison contamination found in the spring, shows bullets from some rifles can disperse farther into the animal, requiring new guidelines.By DOUG SMITHdsmith@startribune.com, Star TribuneSome lead bullets fired from high-powered rifles scatter lead fragments much farther into deer than hunters might assume, according … Continue reading Deer Poisoning…… Are your bullets bad?

Remington Acquires Marlin Firearms Co…

In a Associated press release dated 12-29-07Remington Arms Co. Inc. will acquire Marlin Firearms Co. in a deal that brings together two firearm companies founded in the 19th Century. Remington, acquired by Cerberus Capital Management in April, will add Marlin’s long gun, including shoulder arm designs and lever action rifles. Marlin’s lever action .22 repeater, … Continue reading Remington Acquires Marlin Firearms Co…

My Grandfather’s Son…a book review

by Al NyhusAnyone that knows me can attest to the fact that I’m a voracious reader. It doesn’t matter if it’s a magazine, a book or the Internet, I’m almost always reading something. The love of reading is something that I inherited from my Mother and I’m thankful to her for instilling in me the … Continue reading My Grandfather’s Son…a book review

U.S.Supreme Court to hear landmark 2nd Amendment case

The U.S. Supreme Court has granted certiorari in the much-discussed District of Columbia v. Heller case (Docket 04-7041), previously known as Parker vs. District of Columbia. This means the High Court WILL review the decision by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals striking down the D.C. statute banning residents from owning handguns. The Court of … Continue reading U.S.Supreme Court to hear landmark 2nd Amendment case

Hunter Class Benchrest..time for a change?

Thanks to Stan and Ryan for allowing me to 'blog' a bit. Basically, a 'blog' is a form of editorializing…so here we go. Might as well make my first one a dandy, right?For the past several years, I've felt that it was time for the Hunter Benchrest Class to make some changes to encourage new … Continue reading Hunter Class Benchrest..time for a change?