Varmint Hunter Magazine is no more

The other day while testing a link on this site, I landed at a parked domain page and not the link I clicked on. Uh oh! A little searching pointed out that Varmint and Varmint Hunter Magazine have ceased to exist. According to an article at the site "About two weeks ago, rumors … Continue reading Varmint Hunter Magazine is no more

“This is a test” . . . maybe . . .

Stan and Ryan have graciously granted me "Blogger" status; having their trust is an honor. Thank you, Stan and Ryan.During my senior year of High School, way back in 1967, in the Peoples Republic of Carifornia (cation), we were advised: "by the year 2000 (who'd EVER live that long?), the world will experience a return … Continue reading “This is a test” . . . maybe . . .

30×47 Cartridge – A brief history

This article is compiled from a great discussion thread on the old forum  I thought it would be a make an interesting article. Steve Grosvenor asked: Just wondering if anybody can point me to where I would find out more info on the 30×47.  From what I understand it's the near perfect Hunter class caliber? … Continue reading 30×47 Cartridge – A brief history