Harrison Sportsman Match Results

Today we had 18 shooters show up for yet another beautiful Michigan day. Of note, The junior shooter upstart Eric Simmons shot a 250 with 20x's, his best yet 6mm score. But he was in fourth place behind Mike Conway, 23 x's, Brian Albee, 22x's, and Rick Averill also 22x's. Hall of Famer, Joe Krupa … Continue reading Harrison Sportsman Match Results

Oregon State IBS Score Championship July 15-16 2006

This was the first ever IBS Oregon State Championship for the LaGrande BR Club. The weather was decent for July. It got to the low 90s both days and the winds were switchy and challenging. It was tough enough that Glenn Sampson shot 96 rounds during the 100 yard event. The Springers continued their family … Continue reading Oregon State IBS Score Championship July 15-16 2006

30×47 Cartridge – A brief history

This article is compiled from a great discussion thread on the old forum  I thought it would be a make an interesting article. Steve Grosvenor asked: Just wondering if anybody can point me to where I would find out more info on the 30×47.  From what I understand it's the near perfect Hunter class caliber? … Continue reading 30×47 Cartridge – A brief history

Cowan Rest a user review

by Dick Grosbier  (originally posted in 04/17/2006, so details such as price may have changed)  Originally posted on the old forum, but brought back in article form.  Photo courtesy of Dick Grosbier. I have recently acquired one of Joe Cowans front rests. This rest is one of the nicest rests I have ever encountered and … Continue reading Cowan Rest a user review

Troy, Joe and Big Mike Went Hunting

This is not just another "Me and Joe" went hunting story – THIS is a Troy, Joe and BIG MIKE went huntin' story . . . Wyoming 2005:Following a four year hiatus, during which he pursued American Wapiti, long-time huntin' pal, Troy Petersen, decided to join Joe and me in applying for our 2005 Wyoming … Continue reading Troy, Joe and Big Mike Went Hunting

This one’s for you, Todd . . got ’em right in your back yard

This is what's GREAT about a coyote calling trip - no trying to decide, "is he big enough"! Ya just call and shoot . . . then, admire them for either being the smallest or, the biggest ya ever got! 😉 This pair were called and shot during my first hunting adventure with (now long-time … Continue reading This one’s for you, Todd . . got ’em right in your back yard

Memory Valley – Close to Madrid, Iowa

by Randy RobinetteDespite word from most of my cronies that the "bucks are running wild", here at Memory Valley, things were pretty dismal – during the Early Muzzle-loader Season,  I had shot the best White-tail Buck which I had know to be lurking about the farm (Stan posted a pic of that buck earlier). Now, … Continue reading Memory Valley – Close to Madrid, Iowa

IBS Chat Transcripts

A chat session with IBS president Jim Borden covering IBS rules. Transcript 1 19:58:12 CDT 9/5/2005 Jim Borden “–>” hi all 19:58:23 CDT 9/5/2005 Admin “–>” I would like to Welcome everyone to the Chat line tonight and Jim you may start anytime your ready. 19:58:24 CDT 9/5/2005 David NMN Apple “–>” thanks to Stan … Continue reading IBS Chat Transcripts

Missouri State and Mississippi Valley Regionals Report

July 16th and 17th the St. Louis Benchrest Rifle Club hosted the Missouri State Championship and the Mississippi Valley Regional Championship. Despite these impresive titles, we only had 13 custom rifle competitors for the Mo. State on Saturday and 12 on Sunday for the Regionals. Missouri State stats: 100 yards Ron Hoehn 250-19x Clark Greene … Continue reading Missouri State and Mississippi Valley Regionals Report